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Every month TheReadingMan will send out books that every man should read and keep on his bookshelf. We aren’t just another company sending out books; we are sending books that come highly recommended by some of the best and greatest men throughout history, from ancient times up to the present day. We take this seriously because we understand how important it is that men read well written and thoughtful books. TheReadingMan chooses books that offer insights into philosophy, science, politics, personal growth, history, war, family, religion, as well as reference books and classic works of fiction among others.

When you get a book from TheReadingMan, it will come with a personal letter from TheReadingMan founder, Paul Curtman. This letter will give you Paul’s insights into the book and hopefully serve to prompt your thinking before you even begin reading. From time to time, we will also send you a nice gift that we think you would enjoy or find useful.

When you join TheReadingMan, you are joining a society of men who are intentional about investing in themselves to be better men; men who want to take ownership of their lives and constantly improve their ability to think, reflect, grow, and lead. Men who lead are men who read.

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TheReadingMan is committed to helping men build well-rounded libraries that will help them learn to think better and in turn live better.

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